How to take care of your hands in winter?

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Winter can be hard on skin, especially on hands that are exposed to the elements. Cold, wind and dry air can leave hands rough, chapped and irritated. Fortunately, there are several ways to protect and nourish the skin on your hands to keep them healthy and beautiful all winter long.

1. Wear gloves

The first tip for taking care of your hands in winter is to protect them from the cold and wind by wearing gloves. Choose gloves that are soft and comfortable and that allow your skin to breathe. You can opt for wool or merino wool gloves, for example, which are soft and warm.

2. Use a moisturizing hand cream

Another important step in taking care of your hands in winter is to use a moisturizing hand cream. Applying a moisturizing hand cream after washing your hands or after going outside can help protect your skin against dryness and chapping. Make sure to choose a cream that is suitable for your skin type (hypoallergenic or fragranced) and that is rich in nourishing ingredients such as olive oil, glycerin and shea butter.

3. Use hand care gloves

Another way to take care of your hands in winter is to use hand care gloves. These gloves are often made of cotton, silk or wool and are worn on the hands before applying a cream or oil for the hands. Hand care gloves help protect the skin and prevent hands from losing moisture. You can also opt for heated hand care gloves that are filled with wheat, flax or buckwheat grains and are heated in the microwave before use. They can help soothe dry, chapped hands.

4. The benefits of Druide hand creams

At Druide, we offer three hand creams that are ideal for taking care of your hands in winter:

Pur&Pure fragrance-free hand cream

Our hypoallergenic hand cream is formulated with soothing ingredients that help relieve even the most sensitive skin. Enriched with argan oil and olive oil, it also protects both the skin on your hands and your nails.

BioLove hand creams

These certified organic formulas are enriched with hydrating and nourishing agents to strengthen nails and take care of skin, leaving hands soft and supple. Its texture penetrates quickly without leaving a sticky or oily sensation. In addition to meeting your care needs, these creams also offer an olfactory pleasure with their pleasant fragrances.

Using one of these three products will help protect and nourish the skin on your hands in winter and maintain soft, beautiful skin all season long.

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