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Cleansing and ToningCleansing and Toning

The skin cleansing step is not to be neglected! Whether or not you wear makeup, it is the first step of every skin care routine. Make sure you choose the right products and use them properly in order to ensure good oxygenation of the skin and good absorption of the active ingredients provided by the other products.

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(17 reviews)

Druide - Organic Cleansing Lotion, ultra-gentle

(4 reviews)

Druide - Organic Face Toner - pH Regulator

(18 reviews)

Druide - Face Duo - Cleansing Lotion and Face Toner

(16 reviews)

Druide - Liquid Soap - Deep Cleansing


Treatments for a minimalist and effective routineTreatments for a minimalist and effective routine

A good face care routine must be simple, effective and suited to your skin.
With these face care products, you can provide your skin with what it needs throughout the year, either continuously or in the form of a cure, depending on its variations and/or the seasons.

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(3 reviews)

Druide BioLove - Eye contour

(6 reviews)

Druide BioLove - Natural and organic ultra-hydrating day cream

(17 reviews)

Druide BioLove - Skin Beauty Repair Serum - Vitamin C

(8 reviews)

Druide Pur&Pure Hydrating Face cream


Sun protection, lip balmSun protection, lip balm

Clean, natural and nanoparticle-free, our mineral sunscreen protects you from UVA, UVB and blue light. With or without sunlight, choose a protection that respects your skin and the environment.

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(15 reviews)

Druide - BioLove Mineral Sunscreen - SPF 30


Eco-responsible accessoriesEco-responsible accessories

Eco-responsible accessories to accompany you in your daily life or in your travels.

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(6 reviews)

Druide - 10 Washable, soft and ecological Bamboo Make-up Remover Squares

(2 reviews)

Druide - Organic cotton toiletry bag