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Unique hair care products, recognized to provide a solution to each of your needs and for all hair types.

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Ultra-soft repairing shampoo for the sensitive scalp Gently cleanses and purifies the hair with the greatest comfort. Soothes irritations of the scalp and leaves a protective film around the hair strand. Provides softness and cleanliness in complete simplicity. Without perfume.  Ideal for sensitive scalp, fragile hair and sensitive skin.  250 ml -...

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Ultra-soft, hypoallergenic and perfume-free conditioner. Respects even the most sensitive Soothes sensations of irritation and itching. Restores texture, richness and shine to devitalized hair. Eliminates static electricity. Ideal for sensitive scalp. 

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This new certified organic preparation brings together the best forces of nature.  Bitter almond. Raw sunflower. Manicouagan clay.  250 ml - Exclusive cold process

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Gentle, nourishing, protective and repairing shampoo for dry, very dry, dull and brittle hair. Delivers body, volume and shine to the hair. Deeply strengthens the capillary structure. Restores hair’s shine and suppleness. Tones the scalp.  250 ml - Exclusive cold process 

14,02 € 16,50 € -15%

Purifying shampoo formulated with melaleuca. Sanitizes and balances the scalp. Respects the physiological pH of the hair fiber and soothes irritation of the scalp. Eliminates and prevents the appearance of dandruff. Provides a pleasant sensation of freshness. Natural solution against: - dandruff - itching and - fatty roots  250 ml - Exclusive cold...

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Purifying shampoo Formulated with melaleuca. Sanitizes and balances the scalp.Ultra-soft Repairing shampoo for the sensitive scalp.

32,90 €

Ultra-soft shampoo ideal for frequent hair washing Respects the physiological pH of the scalp. Prevents fragility and capillary dryness. Delivers shine to the hair while protecting the hair shaft.  250 ml - Exclusive cold process

14,02 € 16,50 € -15%

Purity shampoo with sea clay for dull and oily hair Balances, purifies and invigorates the hair fiber.Purifying shampoo for dull and oily hair. Cleanses the scalp. Absorbs excess sebum from the scalp without ever drying or irritating it. Nourishes, strengthens and protects the hair fiber. Ensures freshness, hold and lightness to all the hair....

14,02 € 16,50 € -15%

Absorbent bamboo towel for hair - Very easy to use Child's play ! This towel is very easy to use and fits perfectly on all heads. Young and old will appreciate it.

19,90 €

Thermo-protector Spray protects and repairs  This exclusive regenerating complex of passion flower, carrot and jojoba reinforces hair keratin for smooth styling. It protects and repairs damage from heat and other harsh environments. Recommended for all hair types. Perfectly adapted to colour-treated and ethnic hair. 100% biodegradable. Gluten-free....

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Perfect for untangling. It eliminates frizz and brings all-day hydration and shine.  Facilitates hair styling and disciplines rebellious locks. Brings shine and moisture to the hair without weighing it down. Refreshing and fruity natural scent. Ideal for all types of hair. Suitable for children.  175 ml - Exclusive cold process

12,40 € 15,50 € -20%

Vegan styling gel without alcohol, perfume or synthetic polymers. Provides texture and body to hair. Repairs and disciplines split ends. Strengthens and protects the hair without ever drying it out. Natural and delicate scent. Ideal for all hair types.  250 ml - Exclusive cold process

12,32 € 14,50 € -15%

Its light formula is easy to work with and brush. Gives flexibility to hair. Non-alcoholic styling spray. Natural and ecological. Offers a medium hold.  Enhances the natural shine of the hair. Delicate and natural scent. Ideal for all hair types.  250 ml - Exclusive cold process 

11,60 € 14,50 € -20%
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Style yourself with ease, while preserving the health and beauty of your hair with organic* styling products from Druide Laboratories.

*Certified organic by ECOCERT®, biodegradable, not tested on animals, hypoallergenic, sulfate free, silicone free, PEG free, alcohol free, coaltar free, quaternium free, colorless, gluten free, without GMO or perfume. 100% recyclable containers.

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