Dry hands in winter: how to take care of them?

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Our hands are put to the test all year round, but it is in winter that they suffer the most. With the cold, you suffer from tightness, chapping and redness. There are products available to keep your hands healthy, but you should already take some precautions to protect them from the cold and the weather.

Why do hands become dry in winter?

Our hands are, together with our face, the most exposed parts of our body. Their skin comes into direct contact with the soaps (and household products) we use every day. If your water is hard, the drying process is even more pronounced.

Cold is an aggravating factor. It irritates our skin and prevents it from maintaining sufficient moisture. Hands become wrinkled because the skin loses its elasticity. If you don't take care of it, the tightness will develop into painful chapping.

How to protect your hands naturally from winter aggression

Wear gloves

Your first step should be to wear gloves as often as possible. You will choose warm gloves to protect you from the cold, but also gloves adapted to each task that brings you into contact with household products. If you are gardening, wear special gloves, which protect you from the cold, but also from injury. There is a lot of pruning work in the garden in the autumn, or as spring approaches. If you are involved in outdoor sports, don't forget to protect your hands.

Consider installing a water softener

If you live in an area with high levels of limescale, find out if you can install a water softener. It is an investment of a few hundred euros, but it quickly pays off. Limescale considerably reduces the life of your pipes and especially your hot water tank.

Softened water is much more pleasant to drink, for showering or for washing your hands. This prevents your hands from drying out.

Cosmetic products to care for your hands

Ingredients that help moisturise the skin

Here are some ingredients that will help moisturize your hands:

~ Superfatted breads and gels;

~ aloe vera;

~ bergamot;

~ ylang-ylang;

~ oils: argan, castor, sweet almond, safflower, olive, sunflower or avocado;

~ shea butter;

~ monoi;

~ glycerine;

~ honey and beeswax;

~ palm wax, etc.

Druide cosmetics to help your hands

Druide offers a range of moisturising creams specifically designed for the care of your hands. As with all its products, the brand guarantees organic products with high quality ingredients.

Moisturising creams rehydrate dry hands and also have an antiseptic action to treat chapping and cracking. They contain essential oils of lavender, lime and lemon eucalyptus which are antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral and disinfectant.

You can choose between fruity creams using essential oils, or hypoallergenic and fragrance-free creams for the most sensitive skin.

Use the moisturiser during the day and apply a final layer at night before bed. Massage the product into your hands thoroughly. Your skin will instantly look and feel more supple.

Druide also offers gentle soaps that are kinder to your hands.

Druid's tip

If your hands are particularly dry and chapped, Druide offers you a shock treatment that repairs them quickly: the organic protective balm for baby diaper rash.

The balm is composed of various oils, shea butter and palm wax. It restores the skin's hydrolipidic film and instantly soothes redness and tightness. The balance of the weakened skin is restored and you can then return to normal use of the hand moisturiser.

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