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Druids have been wardens of the environment for nearly 2,000 years. Interconnected with nature, they share a fundamentally spiritual belief in life and their greatest desires: to be fully creative, to embrace deeply with the natural world, and to access a source of deep wisdom. Nature is the center of their belief, as well as the Druidic community perceives it as divine and sacred. Every part of nature is felt to be part of the great web of life. No creature or aspect of it having supremacy over others. This philosophy, based on knowledge and respect for nature, enlightens the whole being and helps them to take the best paths.

From ancestral rituals to our modern lives.

What if we reconnect with nature through these customs? You will thus understand the meaning of what the founder of Druide wanted to instill in his clients: "organic is not a fashion, it is a way of life". And yes, since to cultivate organic is to cultivate life. The interconnection of the Druids can also be ours by allowing ourselves a certain distance and thus:

  • Respect the natural world, take care of the environment, contemplate nature (walking in the forest, one of the first Celtic rituals to connect with plant and animal life);
  • Respect human nature, work on your own intellectual and emotional development, take care of loved ones and others;
  • Respect our history, discover our heritage, our ancestors and their rich customs of experience;
  • Respect all forms of beliefs that influence our worlds ...

The inspiration behind this challenge is to become more aware of our interdependence with nature and to commit to returning to the stewardship practices our planet needs at this time. Druide Laboratories cultivate this passionate lifestyle through their own, healthy and virtuous formulas.

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Thierry - 12/15/2020 20:01:51

Des produits de haute qualité et 100% naturels qui font merveilleusement bien le job là où pleins d’autres n’y arrivent absolument pas.