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About Druide

DRUIDE Laboratory, a 40-year history of authentic know-how to serve healthy well-being, serving people and nature.


The first DRUIDE products were created in 1979, in the small village of Racine, in the Appalachians of Quebec. The founder of the company, was inspired by Celtic traditions to produce non-toxic hygiene and beauty products that respect the human body and the environment. According to him, the druids already had a thorough knowledge of plants, their interactions and their uses to relieve their ailments. Inspired by these pioneers of herbal medicine, he was in turn a visionary of his time by offering care without frills, against modern trends, respecting first and foremost the simple and necessary needs of life.

The entire DRUIDE team shares this same vocation. It's much more than a charter, this passion is almost inscribed in everyone's DNA

The values ​​of DRUIDE

N ° 1 - A PHILOSOPHY - Druide has always had the desire to create for THE GOOD. Our Laboratories still work in a traditional way, in the respect of true human values. From the harvester to the retailer, every person shares our values. This philosophy is lived and transported through you. We are proud to share this link with you, a very privileged lifestyle.

N ° 2 - A MISSION - Druide is invested with a mission for the Human Kind, the Nature and the Environment.We put this mission at the center of every project.We are always looking to improve, to have a positive social and environmental impact consistent with our vision. This mission is both our strength and our success.

N ° 3 - CRUELTY FREE - Druide is an ethical company and invested in the animal cause.

The story of Druide was born with the Goats. Even though the range has become almost entirely vegan, the genesis of Druide still persists with its range Goat Milk. No exploitation for as much! The milking of the goats is respected. We produce little, thus favoring animal welfare.

N ° 4 - ORIGINAL FORMULAS - You will never find such combinations of ingredients. Perhaps somewhat confusing, our formulas are above all elaborated for an effective being. It is not a question of pleasing everyone but of meeting needs. We are all unique, with different sensibilities. The study of plants, seeds, flowers, oils ... allows us to work harmoniously and extract the best of nature. To keep all the strength and property of the raw materials, its mixed is done "cold". We do not heat the plants to make sure we keep all their virtues intact.Finally, all our products are gluten free to avoid all forms of intolerance. And for the most delicate of us, we propose a very neutral range, without perfume, for all the sensitive ones, including baby, based on aloe vera: the Pur & Pure range

N ° 5 - THE QUALITY OF INGREDIENTS - A good formula is nothing without the GOOD ingredients. The choice of quality is a priority. In addition to certifications, we seek to work with the best harvesters. A good harvester for Druide is one who works by passion, who loves the land, who loves the original life much more than profit. This same philosophy is for us a guarantee of quality.These are human adventures, and each time, beautiful encounters with beautiful people.

N ° 6 - NO SUPERFICIALITY - Our packagings are simple. We favor ecology rather than marketing. All our containers are recycled, recyclable. All our labels are printed with vegetable ink. To prevent this chain from breaking, remember to recycle in your turn. Without you, one of our missions would lose its meaning.

N ° 7 - CLEAN TRAVEL - TRANSPORT WITHOUT OIL - Depending on the season and weather conditions, we strive to use the best alternative.Starting in October 2017, we are reinforcing our ecological involvement in our zero CO2 emissions program, aboard a beautiful 1920 sailboat. On the carrier transporting goods is a major source of pollution in the world . Single force transport is therefore a good way to respect our "ecological" commitment.