Understand the role of the renewal of our skin cells in a natural hair routine.

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The cosmetics you use for scalp and hair care should be carefully selected, in order to expect meaningful results. When you use a product, it takes time to act: you must take into account the exposure time for its immediate action, but also the regeneration time of the skin cells of the scalp, as well as the hair itself, for long term action.

Renewal of scalp cells

The surface of the human scalp is around 600 cm². This is where 100,000 to 150,000 hairs are implanted with a limited lifespan. The scalp is made of tough, yet supple skin. As with the rest of the body, this skin constitutes a physical barrier, both thermal and immunological. In contrast, the scalp regenerates in just 14 days, which is faster than the rest of the skin which needs 21 days.

The hairline - made up of a hair bulb - is implanted in the surface layer of the scalp. The dead cells are detached from the skull in the form of imperceptible scales, because they are tiny. In the event of inflammation, these scales take on a larger dimension and visible to the naked eye, called dandruff.

The action time of cosmetics

We must therefore distinguish two action stages for shampoos and hair care: immediate action and long-term action.

  • Immediate action

When you use shampoo or hair care, you are sometimes given a minimum exposure time. It corresponds to the time it takes for the product to penetrate the skin of the scalp and / or the hair itself. The effect you see is immediate because you have superficially cared for your scalp and hair.

For example, when you apply a leave-in treatment, its instant effect makes your hair silky and shiny.

  • Long-term action

The long-term action time of the product is different because it considers cell renewal. The skin of the scalp is renewed on average in 14 days. The new cells migrate from their base - where they form - towards the surface of the skull. Our skin sheds permanently.

Thus, between the moment you applied your treatment and the moment when the cells which were impacted appear, it takes two weeks for the renewal to be complete. You can already see the beneficial effects after a week or ten days, but its definitive impact is not confirmed until after fourteen days.

Products that deeply regenerate your cells contain active ingredients that act on the biochemical mechanisms of your body. It is therefore a real basic treatment that takes time, but which is then long-lasting since it acts at the root of the problem (and the hair!).

How cosmetics act on the health of the hair ?

The shampoo is used to cleanse the hair, but it should especially not attack it and break the precious balance that allows you to have shiny and silky hair. On the other hand, it can repair disorders that affect the health of your hair and rebalance the immune mechanism of your skin cells.

  • Dry hair

When the hair is dry, it means that it no longer has the protective barrier of the hydrolipidic film. The hair is then the prey of all external aggressions. As a result, the cuticles lift and come apart, rather than forming a shield of scales, moisture escapes and the hair becomes dehydrated.

If you do not use the right shampoo, the keratin in the heart of the hair deteriorates. The hair then becomes porous and brittle.

  • Oily hair

Oily hair is caused by the dysfunction of the sebaceous glands which overproduce sebum. The fat agglomerates dust and pollution which will irritate the scalp. Shampoo for oily hair regulates this sebum production and restores balance.

In either case, you will already see a slight improvement, thanks to the immediate action, but it is really after 14 days that your diligent ritual will show its final and lasting results.

Sensitive scalps

A sensitive scalp is revealed by irritation, tingling and / or itching. The causes are often multifactorial: food (intolerance or imbalance), environmental (pollution, cold, sun, etc.) or even external (stress, bicycle / motorcycle helmets, hair products that are too aggressive) ... Free radicals are formed and modify physiology. of the hydrolipidic film as well as the quality of the hair bulb.

The objective is then to provide comfort and maintain this fragile balance over time. To do this, the first step is to respect the pH of the skin and always keep it intact, as naturally as possible. A mild hypoallergenic shampoo, fragrance-free, rich in nourishing plants and appropriate active ingredients, is therefore essential for this fragile and vulnerable skin.

You will understand, the advantage of natural hair care is to boost the skin cells of your scalp so that your metabolism can work as well as possible and fight all the factors that could disturb it. Patience and persistence will be the assets of full satisfaction for naturally sublimated hair.

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