Autumn, a season to pamper your skin

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Autumn, the end of the holidays, the start of the school year, the resumption of daily life ... the dolce vita is over! However, after a summer spent between sun, salt, sweat and sunscreen, your skin looks gray ... To keep your tanned complexion as long as possible and start preparing your skin for winter: take the time to pamper it.

Discover the ranges and products of Laboratoires Druide with natural and organic active ingredients, which will perfectly suit dry, reactive and sensitised skin. Treatments to absolutely adopt in your fall routine!

The Pur&Pure range

Created for atopic, sensitive and allergic skin, the Pur&Pure range is a set of organic, hypoallergenic skincare products - without any perfume or essential oil - for the face, hair and body that is perfect for the whole family.

This range is mainly composed of active ingredients such as Aloe vera, marshmallow extract, calendula extract, olive oil or hydrolyzed rice proteins with emollient, healing or antioxidant properties which will know how to calm irritations and restore the hydration barrier of the skin weakened by excess sun and salty and / or chlorinated bathing.

A complete collection to cleanse, moisturize and protect your skin: shower gel, solid soap, shampoo, conditioner, moisturizing face cream, face and body milk, hand cream and deodorant.

THE favorite: Face & Body Milk

Extremely soft, this face & body milk is the star of the Pur&Pure range. Formulated with Aloe vera and enriched with licorice, marshmallow and calendula extracts, it hydrates and protects your skin for a long time. Its pleasant texture forms a light refreshing veil on the surface and penetrates quickly without a greasy or sticky finish.

Ideal for daily use, it will be perfect after getting out of the shower or after a scrub and will allow you to repair your dry and dehydrated skin to keep your tanned complexion longer.

The Relaxation Spa range

Inspired by the greatest spas in the world, the “Spa Détente” collection will transform your daily bath into a beneficent (almost therapeutic), soothing and rejuvenating ritual while remaining in the comfort of your home. Perfect for a cocooning Sunday.

Among the many active ingredients in the range, there are Aloe vera and vegetable glycerin known for their moisturizing and protective properties as well as nourishing and regenerating ingredients such as Shea Butter or Argan oil. Finally, the synergy of lavender and bergamot calms the mind, releases muscle tension and soothes all the senses.

A range that consists of a shower gel, a bubble bath, a body milk, a liquid soap and a cream for them.

Our suggestion for discovering the Spa Relaxation range: Liquid Soap

Spa Détente liquid hand soap is a gentle cleanser containing a moisturizing complex based on Aloe vera, vegetable glycerin and coconut. In contact with water, this natural formula generates a fine, soft and ultra-nourishing cleansing foam that perfectly respects the physiological pH of the skin. In addition, its essential oils of rose and geranium soothe and soften the skin.

Perfect for repeated use, this soap does not dry out your hands and makes it an ideal companion to prepare and protect your hands for the onset of winter.

The Goat's Milk range

The Goat Milk collection was created in 1979. It is the very first line from Laboratoires Druide made from surplus milk from a Quebec farm. Goat's milk is here the main constituent of the range, rich in vitamins and trace elements, it is ideal for cleansing and soothing delicate and sensitive skin.

The range consists of a shower gel, a conditioner, and a body milk.

Families love Goat's Milk Shower Gel

Goat's Milk Shower Gel is one of our flagship products. Its 2-in-1 sulfate-free formula is perfect for cleaning the body and hair of the whole family. Its purifying and ultra-nourishing foam envelops and soothes irritated and dry skin. Its delicate fragrance awakens the body and the senses. For many, it evokes sweet and pleasant memories of childhood ...

For a complete care, then apply the Goat Milk body milk.

And you?

We hope that this article has made you want to introduce our treatments into your beauty routine because it is important to take care of your skin throughout the year and even more after the summer.

And you, have you ever tested one of our Pure & Pure, Spa Détente or Goat's Milk ranges? Which product (s) could you not do without?

Please feel free to ask any questions or leave your comments at the bottom of this article ;-)

Written by: Laurène Michaud

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