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These specific treatments are developed to soothe, nourish and protect the very sensitive skin of toddlers, from birth. Real asset for healthy maintenance of atopic skin.

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Lot of 3 treatments The essentials in the baby toilet bag - 1 cleansing gel 2 in 1: - body and hair - 1 balm for the nappy change - 1 smooth milk

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Zinc-free protective balm for diaper rash Creamy protective paste for the skin of the delicate buttocks of infants and young children. Indicated for targeting areas of the body and / or face in a localised way - Soothes redness and tightness - The balance of weakened skin is restored - Prevents diaper rash; calm irritations  60 g - 2.11 fl.oz - BPA...

14,90 €

Cleansing gel 2 in 1: body and hair Ultra-natural and organic washing care for babies and toddlers – Takes care of the balance of the scalp and the delicate skin of the toddlers - Their fine hair and delicate skin are perfectly cleansed - Soothing aromatherapy  250 ml - 8.4 fl.oz - BPA free tube

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Hug Body Milk Nourishing, moisturising, softening. Ultra-natural and organic care for babies and toddlers - Nourishes, protects and softens the skin - Regenerates and protects the hydrolipidic film - Envelops baby's skin with extreme softness - No feeling of tightness after application  175 ml - 5.9 fl.oz - BPA free tube

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A solid soap that gently cleanses and purifies the delicate skin of toddlers. Ultra-natural and organic washing care for babies and toddlers. - Calms irritation and provides an immediate sensation of comfort by forming a protective veil over the epidermis. - Leaves the skin soft, supple, and protected. - Soothing aromatherapy.  Solid soap - 100g

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100% natural massage oil For the fragile skin of babies and toddlers Suitable for mothers who want to develop a comforting olfactory link in their baby - Soothes, cares for delicate skin - Warms the body of toddlers - Regenerates, protects the hydrolipidic film - The skin is supple and soft - Soothing aromatherapy  60 ml - 2.02 fl.oz - BPA free tube

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Natural and bio protection UVA and UVB broad spectrum SPF 30 For babies over 6 months old and young children - Filters the UVA and UVB rays - Helps prevent sunburn with mineral zinc oxide - Protects the skin against dryness caused by the sun - Nourishes the skin by moisturising  100 g - 3.05 fl.oz - BPA free tube

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Baby Essential Kit: So Soft Baby Body Milk No Zinc Paste For Diaper Rash 2-in-1 Cleansing Gel Body & Hair FREE - Protective Baby Soap Reusable and recyclable gift box

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Lot of 3 treatments The essentials in the baby toilet bag Kit Contains:2 in 1 Cleansing Gel (50ml) So Soft Baby Body Milk (50ml) Massage Oil (60ml)

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Gentle, fruity toothpaste with natural banana flavors designed for brushing kid’s teeth.  Preserves the enamel of first teeth as well as the health of gums. Prevents tooth sensitivity.  120 ml - Exclusive cold process 

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Toiletry Bag in Organic Cotton Cute Makeup Organizer or Cosmetics Pouch for Travel or Bathroom Storage, Quality and Eco-Friendly Wash Bag, Limited Edition.

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Druide - Eco-friendly towel Antibacterial, soft, absorbent, reusable, resistant

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Choose the best for your baby with BioLove Druide’s Baby hygiene line. 

The new BioLove Druide baby care range has been developed to soothe, nourish and protect the very sensitive skin of toddlers. Fine and reactive, their skin requires proper care.

By selecting the healthiest ingredients and most suited to their needs and environmental conditions, our formulations are ultra-soft.

The performance of the active ingredients combined with the warm and comforting fragrances provide an immediate physiological and sensorial well-being. 

Comfort and absolute safety.