• Birth Gift Set - Druide BioLove
  • Birth Gift Set - Druide BioLove
  • Birth Gift Set - Druide BioLove
  • Birth Gift Set - Druide BioLove
  • Birth Gift Set - Druide BioLove

BioLove Birth Gift Set

Birth gift set, perfect to welcome baby with healthy, natural, organic, vegan, ecological and adapted to their skin needs

Selection of 4 essential care products for baby's care

  • 1 2 in 1 cleansing gel for body and hair
  • 1 Soft Baby Body Milk to moisturize and protect the skin
  • 1 Protective balm for Baby's Changing
  • 1 solid soap as a GIFT
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Druide BioLove, specialist in organic dermo-cosmetics, brings you a very nice box of healthy and essential care products for baby's fragile skin

Parenthood is often a time of transition. When we become parents, we study what we consume much more and especially wish to use the best products for our baby. This birth kit is designed for all future or young parents. You will find our essential care products for baby's bath and diaper change.

These care products will be able to accompany you from the maternity ward, or can be added to a birth list for example!

This set of 4 care products ensures perfect hygiene for the skin of babies and young children.

Cleansing gel:

2 in 1 formula with an ultra-gentle plant-based cleansing base that cleans babies' skin and hair without irritating it and respects their delicate skin's balance. Its soothing aromas help the youngest relax and thus encourage them to fall asleep.

Soft Baby Body Milk:

Nourishing lotion, non-greasy and quickly absorbed, enriched with moisturizing plants and vitamin E. Its creamy formula softens and smoothes the skin perfectly, bringing an instantaneous feeling of comfort. The sensitive skin of babies and young children gets nourished and protected.

Zinc-free paste for Baby's Changing:

Ideal during baby's diaper change, this balm offers optimal protection to the skin while alleviating diaper rash. Enriched with nourishing Shea Butter, soothing Calendula Oil and softening plant waxes, it relieves redness and itching. Effectively protects against chapping, irritation and cracking caused by dryness of babies' fine skin. Applied daily, it brings comfort to the skin and takes care of baby's delicate bottom. Naturally prevents diaper rash.

Organic Protective Soap - FREE

A creamy and soft soap for your little one. Its cold manufacturing process and unique formula respect the physiological pH of the sensitive skin of infants, babies and young children. Its soothing smell encourages relaxation. Ideally used in the evening to ease tension. The combination of purifying Chamomile and repairing Calendula Flower takes care of the delicate skin of your child while cleaning it effectively. Olive and sunflower oil nourish and balance the skin. Lavender softens and soothes.

Do you know what makes us different? Our products are water-free! Aloe vera juice is used as a base to which we add gentle active ingredients that are perfectly suited to the skin needs of babies and children. The water in the INCI list only comes from the ingredients themselves. This is one of the reasons why our products are so effective and so pleasant to use.

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