• Druide - Soft and absorbent hair towel
  • Druide - Soft and absorbent hair towel
  • Druide - Soft and absorbent hair towel
  • Druide - Soft and absorbent hair towel

DruideAbsorbent hair towel

Soft and absorbent bamboo towel
to take care of your hair

Child's play!

This towel is very easy to use and fits perfectly on all heads.
Children and adults alike will love it.

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How to use

  • Head forward, tilt your (damp) hair towards the ground ;
  • Place the towel in a way that allows the button to be placed on your neck and your hair to be in the direction of the towel ;
  • Place all of your hair in the towel, then twist it with the hair still inside of it (the goal is to twist the hair with the towel) ; 
  • Tilt your hair while straightening up and put the twist towards your neck
  • Finally, fix the button in the clip.

Description Learn more about this product

A towel to dry and embellish your hair

Incredibly soft, this towel makes life easier for its users.

It takes care of the hair in an instant. Easy to use, it wraps around wet hair and attaches with a button.

Very absorbent bamboo fibers can be woven in a more ventilated way than cotton fibers. The air flows more freely and the absorbency is increased tenfold.

Much more than just a towel! It helps you dry your hair, prepare it for styling and/or brushing, or put on a mask or a clay treatment.

Specificities: Antibacterial, soft, absorbent, reusable, resistant/can go in the washing machine up to 40°/gentle machine drying

Color: off-white

Composition: 90% bamboo viscose and 10% polyester

These towels are made with Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified fibers, that is to say that all materials, substances and textiles used are harmless to human health and to the environment.

When to use it?

After shampooing, on damp hair.

After applying a treatment. The product-hair contact being reinforced with the towel, the treatment increases its benefits tenfold.

Please note: do not use when applying hair dye which could tint the towel.

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Based on 8 reviews

  • Marina B.
    Published Jul 24, 2022 at 04:56 pm (Order date: Jul 03, 2022)

    Not yet tested, but seems very practical. (Translated review)

  • Marie-Ange A.
    Published Apr 19, 2022 at 10:36 am (Order date: Apr 03, 2022)

    Pleasant and efficient I am very happy with my purchase (Translated review)

  • Sandrine v.
    Published Apr 14, 2022 at 10:42 am (Order date: Mar 29, 2022)

    perfect (Translated review)

  • Laure R.
    Published Feb 25, 2022 at 11:10 am (Order date: Feb 09, 2022)

    Great towel I recommend (Translated review)

  • Benonie M.
    Published Sep 17, 2021 at 12:30 pm (Order date: Aug 31, 2021)

    Very pleasant, absorbs well. (Translated review)

  • Laure
    Published Apr 20, 2021 at 03:24 pm

    In a family where we are 3 girls with long hair, we each have our own and we couldn't live without it. Super quality price compared to other brands/sites. (Translated review)