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The sensitivity of sensitive skin is exacerbated, so it is important to remove make-up using a gentle product, without rubbing the skin excessively. It is therefore essential to select a cosmetic whose ingredients are organic and have virtues that enable the skin to be cared for and strengthened.

Characteristics of sensitive skin

Sensitive skin overreacts to its environment: weather, pollution, air humidity, heating, air conditioning, chemical fumes (e.g. household cleaners) and of course cosmetics.

All skin types - oily, dry or combination - can be sensitive, which makes detection tricky, especially as not all sensitive skin shows the same clinical signs. However, recurrent redness, pimple eruption and discomfort should raise alarm bells.

It is recommended that people who suffer from these symptoms consult a dermatologist to confirm or deny the sensitivity of their skin. The resulting diagnosis enables them to make a judicious selection of skin care products.

Il est recommandé aux personnes sujettes à ces symptômes de consulter un dermatologue, afin de confirmer ou infirmer le caractère sensible de leur peau. Le diagnostic qui en découle leur permet de sélectionner judicieusement leurs produits de soins.

Precautions to take with sensitive skin

Sensitive skin should be treated with the utmost care. It is advisable to limit the number of products you use, as the accumulation of cosmetics easily irritates sensitive skin. On the other hand, your daily kit, reduced to a minimum, must imperatively be composed of quality products, including a make-up remover which is essential for the good health of the skin.

The essential choice of organic

All cleansing milks contain a water phase, an oil phase and emulsifiers.

Conventional cosmetic products are made from mineral oils, as well as emollients and moisturisers derived from petroleum or animal fats. They also contain surfactants (washing agents and emulsifiers) and chemical preservatives.

These ingredients can be very harmful to your sensitive skin. By choosing an organic make-up remover, you spare your skin. Its ingredients are made up of certified organic plant-based active ingredients that soothe and strengthen your skin. Its oil phase is composed of plant oils or butters. Its aqueous phase is enriched with emollients to promote hydration, as well as aqueous plant extracts chosen for their specific active ingredients. Plant emulsifiers are gentle by nature.

Organic cleansing milk does not usually contain animal milk. If it does, it will be clearly marked on the bottle.

Do not subject your sensitive skin to friction or aggressive products

The quality of your tap water is crucial. If you shower in hard water, your sensitive skin may react strongly to this agent, which dries out the skin, causing uncomfortable tightness and sometimes redness. In this case, a water softener is an option to consider.

On the other hand, do not use inappropriate scrubs, exfoliating masks or peels that will further sensitise your skin.

Finally, when you remove your make-up, use very soft materials. It is best to apply organic cleansing milk directly to the face with your fingertips. Do not rub your skin vigorously, but let the cotton or cloth slide lightly over your skin to clean it and remove impurities.

Reusable pads made from natural bamboo, cotton or eucalyptus fibres are perfect for sensitive skin, as long as you are gentle with your skin. They can be rinsed with warm water and avoid the over-consumption of disposable cotton pads.

Why is make-up removal essential, especially for sensitive skin?

All skin types should be removed, even skin that does not wear make-up and even (and especially) sensitive skin.

Removing make-up to prevent your skin's pores from clogging

Make-up, pollution, sweat, sunscreen use, as well as the natural production (excessive or not) of sebum clog your skin's pores. This is why the use of a cleansing milk is recommended, even if you don't wear make-up.

During the night, the skin repairs and regenerates itself. To do this, it must be freed of all pore-clogging elements that can lead to oxidation and inflammation. Naturally, sensitive skin reacts more strongly if it is not cleansed.

Dull skin and accelerated wrinkle formation

Skin that is covered by an opaque layer that prevents it from breathing becomes dull. In addition, the massage produced by the passage of the make-up removal cotton stimulates the microcirculation on the surface of the skin. The energised cells are better oxygenated, which delays the formation of fine lines and later wrinkles.

Why use a cleansing milk for sensitive skin

- The watery phase makes the cleansing milk fluid and soft.

- The oil phase of a quality product is never greasy. It removes not only make-up residues, but also all the impurities collected in the atmosphere during the day. Thanks to a chemical reaction between the cleansing milk and the sebum fat naturally produced by the skin, you don't need to rub your skin hard.

- The emulsifiers allow the aggregation between the watery and the oily phase which separate naturally if you mix them without this additive (natural in organic make-up removers). The emulsifiers contribute to the fluid and rich texture of the milk, as well as giving it its pleasant softness.

Cleansing milk also helps to nourish the skin and prepare it for the night when it regenerates. It is the most gentle and nourishing solution for sensitive skin. The skin is gently soothed and strengthened by the beneficial plant ingredients of the organic make-up remover.

Moreover, the cleansing milk does not require rinsing, neither with water nor with another cosmetic. This avoids the dryness caused by hard tap water, the imbalance of the skin's pH or the accumulation of products, which is not recommended for sensitive skin.

Druide cleansing milk, rich in organic avocado oil and Roman chamomile

Druide's cleansing milk rich in organic avocado oil and Roman chamomile provides the necessary care for your sensitive skin, thanks to its beneficial active ingredients, including aloe vera and these two components: chamomile and avocado oil.

The benefits of chamomile for sensitive skin

Chamomile has moisturising, anti-inflammatory and healing properties that are particularly suitable for sensitive skin. It also has a balancing effect that strengthens your skin's natural defences. The chamomile used by Druide is extracted from organic farming, which guarantees the quality of its active ingredients.

The main active ingredient in chamomile is azulene, which has the property of relieving feelings of tightness and discomfort. This anti-inflammatory agent reduces redness and swelling.

Chamomile is highly concentrated in flavonoids, which are known for their antioxidant action. It is prized by people with sensitive skin, as it is particularly effective in reducing itching.

Chamomile also contains bisabolol, a soothing active ingredient, as well as sesquiterpene, a molecule known for its analgesic effects. Thus, it heals the wounds of sensitive skin so quickly attacked.

The virtues of avocado oil

Druide avocado oil is certified organic. Its vitamins A, C, D, E and K tone and soften sensitive skin. They restructure the balance of the epidermis and combat ageing.

The main virtues of avocado oil are the following:

- softening: avocado oil restores the skin's elasticity and delays the formation of wrinkles;

- nourishing: very moisturizing, it nourishes the skin in depth;

- protective: it defends sensitive skin from environmental aggression;

- regenerating: it participates in skin cell reconstruction;

- preservative and antioxidant: the high concentration of vitamin E and carotenoids in avocado oil

protects the skin from premature aging.

The composition of Druide's cleansing milk is completed by other natural ingredients that work in synergy and optimize the virtues of chamomile and avocado: aloe vera, shea butter, rice proteins, mandarin, magnolia.

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