Taking care of your face by double cleansing

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What does pH mean?

We always hear about pH, but do you know what it means? pH is an acronym for hydrogen potential. It is the measure of alkalinity in chemistry.

The pH is the indicator of acidity when it is less than 7 and alkalinity when it is greater than 7. A neutral medium has a pH of 7, which is the case for pure water at 25°C.

The importance of maintaining pH balance

The ideal pH of the skin is around 5.5, which qualifies it as slightly acidic. Oily skin has a lower than average pH, while dry skin will have a pH above 5.5.

The pH level fluctuates at any time, depending on various factors: diet, sleep, sweating, composition of the atmosphere, humidity level and of course the use of cosmetics.

The skin's protective acid mantle

A slightly acidic pH promotes cell renewal and hydration. Above all, it has an optimal skin barrier function.

The skin of the face is covered with a thin film on the surface that acts as a barrier. Made up of lipids from the sebaceous glands (sebum) and amino acids from sweat, this coat protects the skin. It is also known as the "protective acid mantle".

The acidity of the mantle neutralises bacteria and harmful elements in the atmosphere, preventing them from penetrating the skin. If the barrier is broken, your face is at risk of dehydration and inflammation. This can lead to irritation, pimples and premature ageing of the skin.

Signs of skin pH imbalance

There is no question of testing the pH of your skin, but you can look out for certain indicators that herald an imbalance: redness, acne, recurrent irritation, tightness, etc.

Maintain the skin's pH balance, thanks to double cleansing

Double cleansing consists of using a cleansing milk that removes impurities from the surface of the skin, followed by a toner that refreshes and soothes the skin, while ensuring the pH balance. The perfect complementarity of these two products led Druide to offer the Duo cleansing and balancing package for the fine and fragile skin of the face.

Caring for the skin on the face means using gentle products. Aggressive products cause adverse reactions. The skin must be cleansed daily, ideally twice a day.

On the other hand, organic products are more than recommended, as they alone guarantee the integrity of your epidermis. Conventional products use synthetic ingredients, as well as products from the petrochemical industry that are harmful to the skin. Even if they seem moisturising when applied, some components can dry out the skin. Furthermore, manufacturers of industrial products add additives: preservatives, flavourings, colourings, etc. Organic products are composed of organic plant ingredients that effectively cleanse the skin while nourishing it.

Two cleanings a day for an ideal routine

It is advisable to cleanse your skin twice a day, in the morning and evening, whether you wear make-up or not.

- Our skin is active during the night, as it has a lot of work to do to regenerate itself. It takes advantage of this time of inactivity, in a stable atmosphere, to bring new cells to the surface of the epidermis, to replace the dead cells naturally. The process of cell division reaches its peak around 1 or 2 o'clock in the morning.

At the same time, the microcirculation is activated to provide the energy necessary for the cell renewal process.

Morning cleansing removes dead skin cells and tones up skin that has been working hard while you were sleeping.

- The purpose of evening cleansing is to remove the impurities collected during the day, as well as to remove make-up. The atmosphere is full of invisible micro-particles that stick to our skin. The skin also produces sebum and sweat. These substances pick up airborne debris that clogs the skin's pores, as does make-up.

This means that even if you don't wear make-up, you should still cleanse your skin at night. This also removes any residue from other cosmetics you may have applied during the day, such as a day cream or sunscreen.

- Skin that is not cleansed becomes dull and ages prematurely. Between clogged pores and lack of moisture, it loses its elasticity, resulting in fine lines that become more pronounced wrinkles over time.

- On the other hand, it is not advisable to cleanse your skin more than twice a day. You risk weakening the hydrolipidic film that acts as a barrier. However, people with particularly oily skin need an extra cleansing in the middle of the day. If you have particularly dry skin, you can also apply a treatment at lunchtime.

Cleansing milk to remove impurities at the same time as make-up

The cleansing milk removes make-up and impurities from the atmosphere that have accumulated during the day. In the morning, it removes traces of sebum that may have accumulated during the night, as well as dead cells, which are replaced by new ones.

A cleansing milk such as Druide's Avocado Oil and Roman Chamomile Cleansing Milk fulfils its function perfectly. Make-up, pollution and contact with the weather tend to dry out the skin, so it removes traces of them and restores the skin's velvety texture, while respecting its pH balance.

Chamomile is used for its anti-inflammatory, moisturising, balancing and healing properties. Avocado oil - certified organic - contains a wealth of vitamins. These ensure that the skin is softened, delaying the formation of wrinkles. The skin is also toned, while the avocado restructures the balance of the epidermis.

Tonic lotion to tighten the pores and restore the skin's pH balance

The tonic lotion complements the cleansing milk. Once the skin has been thoroughly washed and the micro-particles that clogged the skin's pores have been removed, the tonic lotion helps to tighten the pores. The skin is thus protected from any malicious intrusion by airborne bacteria. In this way, you prevent infections and inflammations from developing into redness, blemishes and spots.

On the other hand, the tonic lotion is essential to rebalance the pH. The night's activity, as well as the day's aggressions, may have destabilised it. Thanks to the lotion, you start again on a healthy basis, with a skin whose immune system is reinforced.

Druide's toner is enriched with chamomile and witch hazel extracts to moisturise and soothe the skin, rice proteins to protect the skin, and red tea leaves for antioxidant properties. Your protective coat is strengthened and your skin is guaranteed to remain pH balanced.

By incorporating double cleansing twice a day into your routine, you can ensure a radiant skin tone and prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

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