Oily hair: how to regulate excess sebum and space washings with Purity shampoo?

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Hair washed the day before and roots already oily when you wake up? Need to wash your hair every day? Flat hair only 2 hours after washing / drying? Many of us struggle with greasy and dull hair on a daily basis. But what are the causes of this imbalance and especially what are the products to use and the right actions to adopt? This is what we will see through this article, in particular the shampoo with sea clay: the Purity Shampoo!

What is sebum?

Sebum is a complex mixture of lipids synthesized by hormonal stimulation by the sebaceous glands present in the dermis.

It contributes in particular to the barrier function of the skin. It protects it from external aggressions as well as from UV oxidation. Finally, it also helps hydrate the skin and provides lipophilic antioxidants. So despite his image of a demon that we want to get rid of at all costs, he plays an essential role in the skin ecosystem, as long as it is in good quantity and of good quality.

However, its production can be disturbed and cause two main problems: hyperseborrhea and / or dysseborrhea.

Hyperseborrhea or excess sebum results in excessive production of sebum which results in oily skin.

Dysseborrhea, on the other hand, results in the production of poor-quality sebum (vitamin E deficiency) and therefore the appearance of acne. Because no, oily skin doesn't necessarily mean pimples and blackheads!

The main factors

Inheritance is one of the first causes and unfortunately nothing can be done about it. This means that excess sebum is produced due to disruption of the sebaceous glands.

The hormonal influence also plays a role in the production of sebum; this is the case with stress or emotional shock, for example.

The use of unsuitable products when you have oily hair. It is strongly recommended to use specialized products with purifying and sebum-regulating ingredients and to alternate from time to time with a very mild shampoo. Oils (coconut, avocado) and butters (shea, mango) that are too nourishing should also be avoided.

Eating too fat or too sweet increases insulin levels, stimulates androgen secretion and therefore increases sebum production.

The seasons and the climate: in hot and humid weather, we sweat more naturally which develops an oilier appearance of the scalp.

Taking certain medications, such as taking a contraceptive pill in women, can cause hormonal imbalance and thus cause an increase in sebum production.

Purity shampoo from Druide® Laboratories

Concerned with meeting the needs of all types of hair and skin, Laboratoires Druide have formulated different shampoos for different problems. This is the case with the Purity Shampoo recommended for dull and oily hair.

Enriched with purifying and sanitizing ingredients that naturally absorb excess sebum from the scalp, this shampoo is the ideal companion for dull hair that grows quickly.

You will find in particular:

Manicouagan Clay: a sea clay from North Quebec with many benefits. Rich in minerals, it deeply cleanses, stimulates blood micro-circulation to eliminate excess sebum and impurities.

Arginine: a natural amino acid that contributes to the irrigation of the roots, to the oxygenation of the bulbs, stimulating hair growth and helping to prevent their fragility. Results in less dull hair and stronger hair fibers.

Rosemary essential oil: its antiseptic properties neutralize bacteria while maintaining the balance of skin flora. It acts as a good hair conditioner and prevents hair loss.

Thyme essential oil: known for its powerful purifying and antibacterial properties. It deeply cleanses the scalp by eliminating impurities and sebum.

Lavandin essential oil: also known for its excellent purifying, antibacterial and cleansing properties, it helps soothe the scalp and effectively rid it of all harmful impurities.

Some tips

In general, there are a few good things to do to ensure the benefits of the shampoo you choose.

Avoid washing your hair daily and alternate with a dry shampoo from time to time instead. Be careful not to use too much, however, as your hair may get used to it and enter a vicious cycle.

It is advisable to wash in 2 stages. Wash the hair from root to tip for the first time, rinse with lukewarm water. Then do a second wash by gently massaging the scalp, leave the shampoo on for a few minutes before rinsing. It is important to take the time and rinse well to remove residue.

Apply hair care (conditioner, masks, conditioners) only to the lengths and ends and not to the entire hair and do not use it every time you wash it. You can use the Pur & Pure conditioner on the roots once you have managed to space the washes.

With an oily hair nature, it is even more important to dry your hair using a hair dryer. Use it at medium heat and don’t hesitate to finish drying by tilting your head forward to dry the roots even better and add volume.

Choose a brush suited to your hair type, preferring instead a brush with natural bristles that can relocate excess sebum to distribute it over the entire length and thus naturally nourish the ends while lightening the scalp. Finally, we tend to forget it, but it is important to regularly clean your hairbrush.

Avoid touching your hair as much as possible with your fingers but also with your brush, one to two brushings per day is sufficient.

Finally, as all these factors are linked, avoid eating too much fat and too much sugar, favor fruits and vegetables as well as trace elements (zinc and selenium) contained in onions, cabbage, figs, nuts or even the eggplants.

And you?

Have you already tested our Purity Shampoo? Have you adopted him?

Please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this article. We always appreciate your feedback and are curious about your feelings about our products.

And if you want to complete your hair care routine, you will find what you are looking for with our other hair products from Laboratoires Druide. For example, choose our Pur & Pure Conditioner perfect for softening and nourishing your hair or our Leave-in Detangling Spray with natural hydrating active ingredients and ideal for taming frizz.

Written by Laurène Michaud

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