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It is well known that the daily use of styling devices: hair dryers, straighteners, curling irons ... tends to damage the hair fiber and the consequences are unfortunately irreversible. In order to limit damage and protect the hair from heat, it is advisable to use a thermo-protective treatment.

Discover the Thermo-protective Spray from Druide Laboratories with natural and organic active ingredients, perfect for all types of hair and already approved by many users.

Why use a thermo-protective spray?

When a heating device (hair dryer, straightener, curling iron) is used daily, the hair fiber suffers the consequences. In direct contact with the very high temperature of these devices, the hair is damaged and can even burn if too much emphasis is placed on a particular area. They then lose their natural moisturising film which covers their surface, but also their internal water content.

With use, the ends split, the hair becomes brittle, drier and loses its shine. It is therefore necessary to protect them from heat by creating a protective barrier on their surface: this is the role of thermo-protective treatment. Thanks to this natural heat shield, the hair is protected, hydrated, shiny and easier to comb!

How is the hair protected?

Thanks to the many heat-protecting ingredients such as Passionflower or Carrot Seed Extract, combined with vegetable glycerin and nourishing repairing vegetable oils, a “protective shield” forms around the hair. This phenomenon is mainly due to the very properties of the ingredients which have a low thermal conductivity which can thus act as insulators. The hair is wrapped in a light moisturising and protective film, which will prevent the cuticle (scale) from cracking.

Find out more about Druide® Thermo-Protective Conditioner

Anxious to offer a complete, organic, natural and vegan hair range, Druide Laboratories have created a revitalising Thermo-protective Spay ideal for protecting hair attacked by styling devices, coloring / discolorations, but also pollution and / or the sun . Guaranteed without alcohol, silicone, PEG or quaternum, its healthy formula promises not to dry out or weigh down the hair.

It consists of active ingredients such as:

Passionflower Extract: protects hair and skin from thermal attack while improving the feel.

Yarrow Yarrow Extract: soothes sensitive scalps and acts as a conditioner to give hair shine and shine.

Vegetable glycerin: a good humectant that helps to delay the evaporation of water and insulate the hair from heat. It also has good calming and refreshing properties for very soft hair.

Olive Oil: known for its moisturising and antioxidant properties, it protects the skin and hair from free radicals (UV). It also helps to calm the scalp and strengthen brittle hair while providing shine.

Carrot Seed Extract: has good antioxidant properties that help protect the hair from external aggressions. It is also a very good conditioner and regenerator used in hair care to prevent split ends.

Jojoba Oil: known for its good emollient properties, it softens the skin and hair and maintains good hydration of their structure.

Cotton Extract: very complete, rich in vitamins E, antioxidants and fatty acids, perfect for protecting and soothing the scalp.

Aloe vera Gel: rich in polysaccharides, vitamins and minerals, it is an excellent moisturiser, soothing and protective that strengthens the hair fiber while providing shine.

Tips for use

This is a quick, leave-in treatment that is suitable for all hair types.

Here are our tips for use:

1) Apply to dry or slightly damp hair

2) Spray about 8 inches from your hair

3) Distribute the spray evenly over the entire hair (avoid the roots, especially if they tend to be oily)

4) Rub gently to help distribute the product

5) Use your device in the next instant, without necessarily waiting for the product to penetrate

Important: The spray is effective for temperatures reaching a maximum of 200°C.

Do not apply to wet hair and use a straightener at the same time. If the spray is used on wet hair to protect from heat, it should be used for hair dryer use and at a distance. If the spray is used on damp or dry hair, then the use of a straightener or curling iron is possible.

Finally, in general, in addition to the use of a thermo-protective treatment, it is advisable to use good quality ceramic plates and to correctly adjust the temperature of the appliance (the ideal being not to exceed 180 ° C). It is obvious that the hotter the iron, the more the hair fiber is weakened.

And you?

Have you already tested our Thermo-protective Spray? Tell us about your experiences...

After looking for a heat protector, you have surely noticed that Druide Thermo-Protector Spray is one of the rare treatments on the market whose formulation is natural, organic, vegan and alcohol-free.

Finally, if you want to complete your hair routine, you will find what you are looking for in our "hair" category. First good reflex: make sure you find THE ideal shampoo for your needs among all our organic and natural shampoos, formulated without sulfates.

Rédaction : Laurène Michaud

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